Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Vektor's highs and lows of 2012 so far

Whilst Gryzor provided a solid list, I thought I'd provide my own spin on what's come out so far in 2012. Maybe some similar opinions will rise, maybe some will contradict his - that's the beauty of this shit, everybody is so different that it offers itself up for discussion and what have you. So with that said, let's dig into it all!

Worst of 2012 so far: Amy
At first, I thought that this would at least be a decent game, but then I played more of it and then I wished that I could get a refund. For 10 or so dollars, you can get a buttfucking, a root canal and having the bottom of your lip be pulled over your head to the back of your neck while passing a kidney stone. Anybody who defends this game is considered crazy.

To put it simply, it feels clunkier than the average PS1 survival horror game. Let that sink in - clunkier than the average PS1 survival horror game. In 2012, clunky controls, regardless of the context for them, are unacceptable. Poorly laid out stealth missions are garbage (there's only one, but still). I mean, I guess the co-op elements worked okay, but in the end, I just got frustrated by how poorly executed it was. To say I'd rather play Enslaved is testament to how poor Amy really is.

No excuses. This game sucked.

Dishonorable mentions: Blades Of Time, Lolipop Chainsaw, Risen 2: Dark Waters, Syndicate

Most disappointing of 2012 so far: Asura's Wrath
Holy shit, a heavy emphasis on quick time events like Heavy Rain? An interactive anime that doesn't look like pedo moeblob shit? Sign me right the fuck up!

*plays it*

And now give me back the 89 dollars I wasted on this fucking garbage! Basically, it's a game that's afraid to walk the steps Heavy Rain did. Instead of setting up intense quick time events, you press triangle... sometimes mash circle. Couple that with insultingly simple and mediocre brawling and shoot em up segments, and you have yourself a fucking sub par puddle of piss.

Most surprising of 2012 so far: Binary Domain
At the surface, it looked like a generic third person shooter, but the further you progressed, the more it opens up. Sadly, it takes about 3 hours for it to open up, which is both unusual and actually pretty bad for a third person shooter where the first three hours were pretty mediocre with maybe one or two good moments. Not only do the set pieces and gunfights get better, but the story really, really starts to open up and it's actually a rather captivating tale not just about robots replacing humans, but also the relationship between two of our main characters. It doesn't seem that great at first, but it gets better and better as it progresses.

Best of 2012 so far: Max Payne 3
A natural evolution for the series while feeling like a reboot... like, you don't really need to play the first two games because it gives you enough to go by, and the atmosphere feels warmer and action-y. While some have taken offense to that, I found that it had well more than enough ground to stand on because it was still tits.

Honorable mentions: Dragon's Dogma, Silent Hill: Downpour

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