Thursday, January 19, 2012

Get Into: Dustforce

Ahh, two indie games in a row... in one night. I'm amazed that it's not by the same person (screw you, Gryzor =P).

Anyway, Dustforce is a platformer where you must clean up a level - whether it's enemies or leaves on the ground, you bet you're cleaning it! The idea is to keep your movement flowing like a river, knowing exactly where to jump to, where to jump from, and when to strike down your enemies... while in mid-air. Yes folks, you get to basically move in the air through the use of double jumps and aerial dashes, which can only be used once, but will be recharged after you defeat an enemy. I mean, ground movement is fine, but as you progress, you'll want more, and you'll realize that moving like a ninja is the best way to achieve success and maximum fun efficiency.

Add the fantastic graphics and excellent soundtrack, and you've got yourself quite a game on your hands. Certainly the best way to start 2012 (certainly better than fucking Amy!). I'm sorry this post isn't very in-depth, but it only came out yesterday and I didn't get much else out of it than that. Theoretically speaking, "Get Into" posts cover older games we may have forgotten, but here we are, recommending two indie games, with one from last year combining rhythm with statistics (that one being Sequence), and the other from yesterday being a platformer all about aerial flow and timing (this one). We'll cut down on the newer games that we most certainly recommend, though. =)

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