Saturday, January 14, 2012

Lacuna Coil are releasing an album people are expected to care about

I listened to this song for a minute... and contemplated suicide. Fuck this song was terrible.

While this is primarily a gaming blog, we will cover other subjects from time to time because fuck yeah variety am I right guys? But seriously, why do Lacuna Coil even bother? They went from a reasonable gothic rock band to a shitty Evanescence clone, and Evanescence ripped off Lacuna Coil first. I guess Lacuna Coil just wanted more money and that's why people willingly subject themselves to shitty music - to satisfy their gods.

Zero substance, generic, shitty, boring - yeah don't buy this shit, guys.


  1. Totally. I feel bad for anybody who likes most of Lacuna Coil's material (their first album was okay) because it shows that they'll be content with anything, regardless of quality. Nothing says total garbage like production that sounds like they're just banging on the drums and randomly stumming the guitars, hoping for some semblance of melody - oh, and let's string some girl along because... well, we need a set of tits to help us stand out.

    That song was terrible. We're maybe halfway into January and we've already found the worst album of 2012. Hey, at least it took until June to find last year's worst in the new Morbid Angel album!

    1. I suppose you could use a similar argument for extreme metal of any sort, so allow me to defend it by saying that most extreme metal either has atmosphere or brutality going for it - sometimes both, and they tend to use it quite well (at least the good ones.. obviously lol).

      Lacuna Coil? Erm, to sound heavy, I guess - sounds more like they're playing some sort of soft rock and amped up the distortion to 11. Too bad that's all that they did.

  2. yeah pretty much Dawn. a lot of alternate/nu metal is terrible. it just feels like rock trying way too hard to be metal and missing the point, which ruins the enjoyability. I'm glad most of this shitty style is dead... only for Lacuna Coil to bring it back.

    though System Of A Down were pretty cool.