Sunday, January 22, 2012

One by one, file sharing websites shut down

First Megaupload and now Filesonic. I wonder who's next...

To be quite honest, none of us here at A Sign Far Beyond support piracy; we just pirate to give some music CDs a listen without buying them because maybe - just maybe - it's not worth our money, but don't worry yourselves, because we do buy albums. Hell, CD quality tends to be a thousand times better than downloaded quality anyway, so it'd be silly of us if we did nothing but download. Besides, if piracy went away, we wouldn't upset (well, maybe Lukas will be).

Regardless, we do not support SOPA, PIPA or any such bills because of how poorly written they are and how eay it'll be for third parties to troll by shutting down websites, just like how some trolls get Youtubers suspended via false flagging...

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