Thursday, January 19, 2012

Resident Evil 6 is coming out and we're meant to care

So yeah, Resident Evil 6 has been announced as if there are any fans left. I'll be honest - Resident Evil was a good series, and despite killing survival horror, Resident Evil 4 was still a good game. Resident Evil 5 was a terrible action game with no survival horror elements. Seriously, Resident Evil had some great ideas, and it got better with each game. I guess Resident Evil 3 was the best that they could do with this style so they decided to try and make an action game with zombies for Resident Evils 4 and 5. Well, both of them didn't exactly work in the context of an action game because you're still limited to standing in one place while aiming, but Resident Evil 4 was still worth going through because IT WAS ENTERTAINING! The briefcase idea was pretty cool and the story itself hasn't half bad, plus while it was an action game, it still felt like a Resident Evil game, if watered down on the survival elements (though the beginning on the hard difficulty setting would make you think "hmm maybe it's a little watered down"). Resident Evil 5 can choke on dicks because it was BORING and played out way too much like a dumb action movie. At times, I thought Michael Bay directed it - that's how bad it got.

I am in no way an old school fan, mostly because I didn't play much PS1 back in the 90s and.. really, up until I got a PS3 in 2009. I like the old school games, though. Don't get confused.

Anyway, Resident Evil 6... let's see what it may or may not have... For this post, I'll copy bits and pieces of the article out and respond to them, if you haven't figured it out already.

The game takes place in China and the US ten years after Resident Evil 2, with Chris Redfield and Leon Kennedy teaming up as the game’s main protagonists. The US president has decided to go public with the Raccoon City incident, but a bioterrorism attack leaves Leon, standing by his leader’s side, with a difficult choice.
In China, Chris Redfield is dealing with a similar attack. Even with support from new characters in the series for the duo, the latest wave of bioterrorism attacks sees the world under its biggest threat ever.

>>So basically, emo boy and tuff dude team up.

I'm actually kind of interested to see where they go with this - like this "difficult choice" and why the bioterrorism is happening in the first place. I mean yeah, it could be really obvious and I wouldn't have much need to buy this game, or it could be kind of interesting. Eh, who knows really?

Co-op makes a return following a debut in Resident Evil 5, as well as its standard single-payer.

>>Ugh, please don't. That'll give you guys an excuse to give us shitty ally AI, I know it. Resident Evil 5 was annoying to play alone because Sheva keeps taking and wasting my shit. The only thing she ever got right was healing me... even though it's pretty overkill to use the good shit when I only have a boo boo. Either way, co-op play should be strictly optional to have more fun, not required in order to simply tolerate a game.

Capcom’s R&D and marketing head Katsuhiko Ichi said: Resident Evil 6 represents a giant stride forward in the evolution of the series. The development team, led by Hiroyuki Kobayashi, is working tirelessly to deliver the most impressive Resident Evil title ever both in terms of scope and production values. We are all genuinely excited by the title and cannot wait to share it with the world."

>>In other words, it'll be bigger, with more emphasis on cinematics, and bigger explosions

Kobayashi added: “From the outset the team’s intention was to create an experience that delivers a gripping storyline, tense single-player and co-op action all set against a constant theme of horror. We are calling this fusion dramatic horror and are confident it will resonate with both existing fans of the series as well as newcomers.”

>>While it is good that they're thinking about the horror, ehh... looking around the market for current day "horror" games will yield shock scares and mediocre psychological horror that'd make Silent Hill or Penumbra want to slap them silly (except Amnesia, which has its moments).

I must say that I am curious as to how this "fusion dramatic horror" will work.

But nothing on survival? Fuck, didn't Resident Evil, umm, POPULARISE survival horrors in the 90s? Action games are fine, but if it's in a series that used to be a survival horror one, I can't help but be a bit biased against it when it doesn't have much if any survival.

At least Dead Space is honest. Shadows Of The Damned, too.

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